Breakfast (till 10am)

Hearty breakfast wraps     $8.50

Wraps served warm (20% veg as standard). We recommend 1pp

  • Scrambled eggs, bacon & BBQ sauce

  • Scrambled eggs, spinach, mushroom, tomato & BBQ sauce (v) 

  • Grilled haloumi, spinach, tomato, mushroom & basil pesto (v)

We use Lebanese bread, plain & spinach wraps and present in halves

Gourmet breakfast sliders     $4.95

Served warm (20% veg as standard). We recommend 2pp

  • Scrambled eggs, bacon & BBQ sauce

  • Scrambled eggs, spinach, tomato & BBQ sauce

  • Grilled haloumi, spinach, tomato & basil pesto (v)

Fruit platter    $4.95pp

Watermelon, rock melon, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi fruit,

grapes, blueberries & passionfruit.

Mini danish     $3.95

A selection of freshly baked danish in apple,

apricot & blueberry flavours

Health pots     $4.75ea

Guilt free, tasty & packed with goodness (150ml)

  • Yoghurt & mixed berries drizzled with honey

  • Granola, yoghurt, dried fruits, berries & honey

  • Bircher muesli, berries, currants, apple, yoghurt, honey, seeds & almond 

  • Black chia, berries, coconut, currants & honey (gf)



Mini tarts     $3.95

Bite sizes baked apricot, blueberry & almond tarts 

Gluten free toasties     $7.95

  • Double smoked ham, cheese & tomato

  • Avocado, cheese & tomato (v)



Breakfast deals

Breakfast wrap & health pot combo     $12.90pp 

Each guest receives:

  • A breakfast wrap (1pp) and mini gourmet health pot

Breakfast slider & fruit combo     $8.90pp

Each guest receives:

  • A gourmet breakfast slider (1pp) and a sharing fruit box for the group

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