Morning & Afternoon Tea

Pastry & bake box     $4.95pp

Freshly baked muffins, banana bread,

mini tarts, donuts & mini danish

Fruit platter     $4.95pp

Watermelon, rock melon, strawberries, pineapple, kiwi fruit,

grapes, blueberries & passionfruit.


Health pots     $4.75

Guilt free, tasty & packed with goodness (150ml)

  • Yoghurt & mixed berries drizzled with honey

  • Granola, yoghurt, dried fruits, berries & honey

  • Bircher muesli, berries, currants, apple, yoghurt, honey, seeds & almond 

  • Black chia, berries, coconut, currants & honey (gf)

Premium raw bars (gf)     $5.50

Raw natural bars packed full of nutrition & flavour. 

  • Lemon, cashew & chia (gf)

  • Raw snickers (gf)

  • Hazelnut ferrero (gf/ df/ paleo/ vegan). 

  • Presented in bite sized pieces.


Toasted croissants     $5.95

Butter croissants in the following combos, toasted & presented in halves.

We recommend 1pp. 

  • Double smoked ham & cheese.

  • Avocado, tomato & cheese (v). 

  • Cheese & tomato (v).



Gluten free goodness (gf)     $5.50

These gluten free goodies have to be tasted to be believed. 

  • Double choc fudge brownie

  • Pistachio & coconut

  • Fig, nut & grain

  • Presented in bite sized pieces. 

Bagels Baby!     $8.50 

Plain & poppy bagels filled in the following combinations. We recommend 1pp. 

  • Ham & cheese - double smoked with cheese, tomato, & avocado. 

  • Vegetarian (v) - scrambled egg, avocado, spinach & tomato. 

  • Smoked salmon - with cream cheese, tomato & rocket. 

Morning & Afternoon Tea Deals

Pastry & fruit combo     $9.50

  • A popular combination of mixed pastries & fresh

     seasonal fruits on generous sharing platters

Health pot & pastry combo     $9.50

Each guest receives:

  • An invigorating health pot (1pp) and mixed pastries on a sharing platter.

Toasted croissant & fruit combo     $10.50

Toasted croissants and summer fruits… yummm. Each guest receives:

  • A generously filled toasted croissant (1pp) and a fresh fruit sharing platter



Bagels, pastry & fruit box combo     $12.90

A crowd pleaser that will leave everyone smiling. Each guest will receive:

  • A gourmet bagel (1/2pp) plus sharing platters

     of fruit & deliciously fresh pastries.

m: 0451 055 538    t: 02 8072 8481 (6am-3pm, Mon-Fri)
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